Bearded Blue Cream-Porcelain Silkie Bantam


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1-7 Day Old Straight Run Chick
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Bearded Blue Cream-Porcelain Silkie Bantam

Blue Cream is one of our favorite Bearded Silkie color varieties. This color has also been referred to as Porcelain and Isabel (Europe). Bearded Blue Cream-Porcelain Silkies Bantham are a result of Lavender/Self Blue combined with Buff. This color variety is still a work in progress amongst breeders so you can expect to see variation in their coloring. Ideally, color should be a light lavender with a diluted buff color spread across the wings, chest, and back. Approximately 20% of the bird should be buff color, while the remaining should be lavender. It’s a very tricky color to work with, but we have been very fortunate that our flock has been out producing themselves and the offspring have been proving to have better color than their parents.

Bearded Silkies are one of the most enjoyable birds to own. They are not kept for their egg production abilities, but mainly kept for their other desirable traits. Large poofy crests, beards, 5 toes on each foot, walnut comb, feather legs, and soft silkied feathers make the silkie stand out. Their personalities are exceptional as well. Silkies lack barbicels, which is a genetic factor that contributes to the formation of the feather. The lack of barbicels gives their feathers a very down like feel. Very calm, and laid back, these birds are easily to handle for small children. They are easy keepers that don’t require large coop spaces. Silkies also brood very well, and they have excellent maternal instinct. When asked what is the most reliable, yet cost effective incubator, we suggest a silkie. Silkies are fairly cold tolerant, as long as they stay dry. Our flocks will continue to lay throughout the cooler days of winter. Their tinted eggs are not very big, but are adequate size for a bantam breed.

Blue Cream/Porcelain is still a project color, It is not yet accepted by the APA or ABA. Our flock originated from Geri Godinas bloodlines, but we have been working with them for over two years now and selectively bred them to our liking and the desired color that is called for Blue Cream. We were very lucky to be able to start with exceptionally good stock from the beginning!

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