Lavender Ameraucana Bantam



Bantam chicks require special shipping arrangements when being shipped with large fowl chicks.


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1-7 Day Old Straight Run Chick
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If you love bantams, then our Lavender Ameraucana Bantams are a must have. Their personalities surpass their large fowl cousins making them an absolute delight to have around. This inquisitive little chicken is know for being incredibly friendly and outgoing. Luckily they are just as beautiful as their personalities. Lavender Ameraucana bantams lay a tiny blue egg that is unfortunately not meal worthy, but they do work well hard boiled for a salad.

*Please note: When ordering certain bantams, we do prefer to ship them at a couple weeks old, this is to ensure that they have grown and are strong enough to be shipped. Local pickup is preferred if at all possible. Day olds are also available for local pick up as well.

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