Rhodebar Cockerel


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1-7 Day Old Cockerel
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Rhodebars were produced in 1947 when a British geneticists crossed Rhode Island reds with golden brussbars (a rare British breed) to create an auto-sexing chicken with striking red barring and the ability to lay hundreds of large eggs. They enjoyed a brief stint in Britain’s commercial poultry flocks until they were replaced by modern hybrids.

Rhodebars are perhaps the more effective auto-sexing breed because the males are light-colored as chicks with white spots on the back of their heads and chicks with ‘chipmunk’ stripes on their backs are females. This breed is cold hardy, handles confinement well or adapts great to freeranging and is not known to go broody. They are a dual purpose breed and dress well for a table meal.

Our stock originates from Greenfirefarms.

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