Silver Double Laced Barnevelder


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1-7 Day Old Straight Run Chick
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The Double Laced Barnevelder may be one of the most beautiful birds out there. The double laced pattern is very detailed and its consistency is mesmerizing. The Barnevelder was created in Holland by crossing imported Asian fowl with Dutch fowl. The breed has recently made its debut in the United States and has quickly become a flock favorite. Although the large fowl version of the Barnevelder is known for darker brown eggs, the bantam version of the Barnevelder lays a cream to a light brown egg. The egg size is decent in comparison to the size of the bird. Another striking feature of the Barnevelder is the bright yellow legs. Currently we offer two versions of the double laced Barnevelder, the red and the silver. If your looking for a smaller, yet productive, beautiful bird and docile bird, we recommend the Double Laced Barnevelder hands down. This breed is absolute eye candy!

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