White Crested Blue Polish


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1-7 Day Old Straight Run Chick
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With flowing crest and regal upright carriage, the White Crested Blue Polish is a rare specimen of beauty and grandeur with a striking contrast between the crest colour and the the remainder of the plumage. The breed itself, while originating in the Netherlands, was bred and popularized widely across Poland and other parts of Europe. Now the breed has become popular in America as an exhibition class chicken. Few small poultry holders can resist the impulse to keep them both for their decent egg production and ornamental value. The temperament of this breed is classified as docile, yet timid on account of the obstructed vision. They handle confinement well and can easily adjust to free-ranging, though might need added protection against predators. These birds are known to be hardy in a variety of climates.

They lay medium to small white eggs and are not known to go broody. Our White Crested Blue Polish are standard size, with the roosters weighing approximately 6 lbs and the hens around 4.5 lbs. The White Crested Blue Polish offers a wide variety of coloration including black, blue and splash (BBS) as well as producing frizzle.

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